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The Myth Debunked Post: The X Myth Debunked

The myth debunked post

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Athersajjad -

May 23 2022

2 mins read


The myth-busting template dispels widely facts believed to be true but are actually more nuanced. These are more likely to generate backlinks and social media shares. When you dispel common myths, you drum up controversy. Controversy pushes people that agree and disagree with you to share your content.

The Title can either:

  • Focus on a single myth and speak to the X other related myths
  • Highlight X number of myths


  • 10 myths about medical billing. The truth about health insurance.
  • The ‘quantity is better than quality’ myth and 7 other digital marketing myths debunked
  • 5 common things everyone misunderstands about people managers

The Intro should grab your reader's attention and immediately debunk a myth. 

The rest of the body of your article should focus on highlighting each myth, shedding light on how it came to be commonly believed, and finally explaining the truth behind it. Keep your paragraphs brief. 

The Conclusion can be a recap of the most shocking myth, with a sentence about how the reader has learned the truth behind it. You can end the post by having a clear call to action to check out your website, buy your product or service. 


Introduction to the problem goes here in 2 sentences.

The benefit of reading this article and going through your list of myths goes here in 2 sentences.

Myth 1. Just include an overview in the subheading. Make sure it's an H2

Explain the myth, the history behind it/how it came to be a myth, shed some light on the truth, effectively debunking the myth. Limit the paragraphs to only a couple of sentences and make sure you don’t go too much into detail to the point of boring your readers. Add images to illustrate your point. Keep it to a paragraph or less.

Myth 2. The second myth, similar to above

Explain the second myth, similar to above


Myth X. Last myth, similar to above

Explain the final myth, similar to above


This is where you recap the most shocking myth and push your reader to take action and consider buying your service or product.

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